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Camping at Dublagadi । Bagda Sea Beach ।Vergin beach Of Bagda



Camping at Dublagadi Bagda Sea Beach

Bagda is slowly becoming a major weekend attraction for next generation travellers who loves to do beach camping. Bagda is a small sea side village under Balasore Tehsil of Odisa, just  30 kms from Balasore and can be reached from Kolkata within 5 hours. This beautiful location is well connected with major nearby places. Bagda and Dublagadi is adjacent beach which will give you a long stretch of movement through white clean sand.

This is a perfect weekend destination from Kolkata. If you are searching for the tranquility of a sea beach that has seen very less number of adventure seeking souls till date, this quaint little village of Bagda offers the best option.

Bagda Sea Beach Video Review

-:Food At Bagda Sea Beach:-

Feed your Backpacking Soul

11:00 A.M. Check in Welcome Drinks (Nimbu Pani)

01:30 P.M. Lunch (Rice, Dal, Vegetable Curry, Fish Curry)

06:00 P.M. Evening Snacks (Vegetable Pakora, Puffed Rice, Tea)

09:00 P.M. Dinner (Rice/Roti, Dal, Vegetable Curry, Chicken Curry)

08:00 A.M. Breakfast (Puri, Vegetable Curry,  Boiled egg, Tea)

What to Explore:

Apart from the virgin beach, Bagda have much more to offer. You can visit nearby ancient temples, as there are many of them i.e. Swapneswar Mahadev Mandir, largest Mahavir Statue and the beautiful Bahabalpur Shiv Temple. You can also try Bagda Market to explore locality and pick something if you dont want to leave only with memories.

  • Purba Bagda Market
  • Swapneswar Mahadev Mandir
  • largest Mahavir Statue
  • Panchalingeswar Mandir, Balasore
  • Bahabalpur Shiv Temple
  • Dublagadi Motho(Temple)

How to Reach Bagda / Dublagadi Beach:

Reach Balasore via Train ( From Howrah Junction) or bus (Temporarily Unavailable due to COVID-19 Restrictions)

From there take Auto upto Bagda Backpackers’ Camp. The distance between Balasore to Bagda Beach Camping is about 31 km.

Auto Timing: 10am, 11am, 12:30pm, 2pm, 3pm.

Fare: INR 60 per head  Or Reserve: INR 550-600


Day 1 – 12th Feb 2021: HWH – BLS. BLS – Dublagadi Eco Camp

Day 2 – 13th Feb 2021: Dublagadi Eco Camp

Day 3 – 14th Feb 2021: Dublagadi Eco Camp – BLS. BLS – HWH

Tip: If you are making it all the way to it from Kolkata, I’d recommend spending at least 2N. Else it becomes much of a hectic journey.

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