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Chamet Agency Registration Become Chamet Agent

We are glad to know that you would like to register as a chamet agency! To complete your Chamet Agency Registration and complete information about how the agency works, read and follow the steps given below.

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Table of Contents

How to register your own Chamet Agency?

If you want to without delay open your Chamet Agency, then click on the button given below, fill in the required information and complete your registration in just a minute

without delay do complete registration.

Chamet Agent Registration Link (Button)Chamet Agent Registration

If you are having trouble filling the Chamet Agency Registration Forum, then you can see the photo given below and also read and follow the steps.

  1. Enter your username.
  2. Type password.
  3. Re-enter password for conform.
  4. Write your Agency Name.
  5. Slect your country to the left of the number.
  6. Enter your mobile number.
  7. Click on the send button to get SMS code ( OTP ).
  8. Now type SMS code ( OTP ).
  9. Finely click on the bind button to create your Chamet Agency.
  10. Now you can login with your username and password.

Chamet Agent Registration

What is chamet agency dashboard Management system?

Chamet provides you with an agency management dashboard at the same time when you complete Chamet Agency Registration. with which you can add your payment details, host, and sub-agents.


Given below is the list of what you can do in the Chamet Dashboard.

  • You can submit payment withdrawal method for get paid.
  • Here you can bnd hostesses + sub-agents.
  • Check your hostesses + sub-agents list or status.
  • See you hostesses + sub-agents daily earning report.
  • You can see yourhostesses + sub-agents weekly settlement details.
  • Get inportant notification massage of app update, rules, punishment,notic, and many more.

How to log in Chamet Agency Dashboard?

To log in to the Chamet Agency Dashboard go to this link ( and then enter your username and password and click on the login button. now you can manage your work.


Chamet Agent Login

How can bind or add hostesses in chamet agency?

Chamet gives you two easy ways to add hostesses.

  1. Invitation Link.
  2. Manually.

First Method: Invitation Link

First of all, after login into the Chamet Agency Dashboard, copy the invitation link for the hostesses and send it to the girls’ host.


And ask them to bind their mobile number by clicking on the link. after that download the Chamet application and create a Chamet ID with the same number that was bind.

Congratulations, finally you have now successfully added your host to Chamet Agency.

See in detail below how it works


After click on the invitation link host needs to bind her number first.

  • Slect country code
  • Enter mobile number.
  • Click on send button. for (OTP)
  • Now enter OTP (SMS code)
  • After click on bind button.

When they successfully bind their number to Chamet Hosting, then they have to download the Chamet app from the Google play store.


And create Chamet Host ID from the same number which was registered with Chamet Hosting Invitation Link. after doing this, they have joined your agency to start hosting.

Now hosts can start earning money by going live.

Second Method: Bind your girls with an ID number.

To use the second method, you have to ask the host for their Chamet ID number and the phone number linked in it.

And follow the steps given below.

Ask your host to download the Chamet app from the google play store.

After the download is complete, ask to create a new ID using the mobile number.

Now tell the host that after going to the profile icon in the chamet app, click on my profile option and copy your Chamet ID. and also the mobile number which is used in the ID and send it to you.

After that log in to your chamet agency dashboard and select the member list and click on the host list option.

Now you will see an add button, click on it and enter the host user ID above and after selecting the country below, enter the linked phone number in the ID and click on the submit button.

After that, going to the profile Icon > My earnings option in the Chamet ID of the host, she saw a request to join the agency. she will be added to your agency after clicking on the agree button.

How Chamet host can start work & earn money?

When your girl’s Chamer ID is created, then after joining the agency, they are ready to earn money by working in chamet app.

Before start work in Chamet app, the should see that a good profile picture, nickname, the bio should be such that it does not violate the rules of Chamet.

There are many ways to earn money in Chamet app, which you can see below.

1. After opening the Chamet app click on the live button and place your face inbox. when users call you then you’re earning will at least 2000 Beans/Minute. out of which you will get 1200 Beans/Minute because 800 Beans company keeps it.

2. There is also another way to go live streaming in Chamet App, in which users can see you live and send you a massage. in this, you can host can earn gifts from the users by doing your talent like singing, dancing or gossip. during this, a user can also call you, you can also earn by picking up calls in the middle, you will be on hold.

3. Host can also open or join the party room and earn money by gifting along with doing group chat. (Level 5 mandatory to open your party room)

4. and last, hostesses can earn by doing random matches, in they will get 300 Beans/Minute. ( But there are limits for the whole day for random matches.)

Salary & Paymet Method For Chamet Agent

How you can get Chamet Agency Salary? it depends on your country. one of the methods given below will be available to you.

  1. ArriPay
  2. Bank Transfer ( Dlocal ).
  3. Gcash.
  4. Epay ( Create Epay Account).

Chamet Host Salary Plan Chart

In short, Chamet gives a minimum of 2000 beans/minute call to all hosts. ( Chamet host can increase the call rate up to 10,000 beans/Minute = $ 1 as per their wish).

100,000$ 10₹ 700
200,000$ 20₹ 1,400
300,000$ 30₹ 2,100
400,000$ 40₹ 2,800
500,000$ 50₹ 3,500
600,000$ 60₹ 4,200
700,000$ 70₹ 4,900
800,000$ 80₹ 5,600
900,000$ 90₹ 6,300
1,000,000$ 100₹ 7,000

Chamet Host Salary Plan Chart

What is Chamet Agent Commission Ratio?

Chamet Agency Commission ratio truly depends on the total weekly earning of all sub-agents + all hostesses. you can see the Chamet Agent Commission Chart below.

Revenue ($)Commission (%)
< $ 1500 %
$ 1505 %
$ 50010 %
$ 1,50015 %
$ 5,00020 %
$ 15,00022 %
$ 50,00024 %
$ 150,00026 %
$ 500,00028 %
$ 1,500,00030 %

Chamet Agent Commission Ratio

Surely Chamet Agent income will grow every week by increasing the number of host + sub-agents, this is a very good future, which helps you to increase your income very quickly as soon as possible.

How To Invite Sub-Agents To Chamet App?

To invite your sub-agents, after login into the Chamet Agency Dashboard, click on the invitation link for agents, copy the link and send it to those who want to register.

When agents click on your invitation link and complete Chamet Agency Registration. So you have successfully connected the sub-agency.

By adding sub-agents to your Chamet Agency, you can team up your agency to earn maximum money in a very short time. (The revenue of all your sub-agents will also be added to your commission ratio )

Who Are Chamet Sub-Agents?

They are Chamet sub-agents. who has registered Chamet Agency from your invitation link, every chamet agent joins agency through invitation link of one or the other agent. meaning every sub-agents are Chamet agent like each other agents.

If someone registered through your link, then you will be his upper agent ( Mentor ) and he/she will be your sub-agents, for all agents Chamet provides its dashboard to manage host and sub-agents. in this, the agents get their salary directly from Chamet on adding their withdrawal method.

NOTE: If any agent is facing any problem in working, then she/he can feel free to ask him ( Upper Agent).

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Calculate The Benifits And Commission Ratio Of Chamet Agent

Chamet Agency Commission Ratio depends on the total earning of all your hostesses + sub-agents.

Total weekly Chamet commission ratio = ( All hostesses earning + all sub-agents earning )

For Example:

If you have 4 sub-agents.

First Agent total income $ 1500 = Commission 15%.

Second Agent total income $ 500 = Commission 15%.

Third Agent total income $ 500 = Commission 10%.

Fourth Agent total income $ 5000 = commission 20%.

Let’s say you have only 4 agents, not even a host, then what will be your commission ratio %, see below.

Your total earning and all your sub-agents earning is = $ 1500 + $ 500 + $ 500 + $ 5000 = $ 7500, Means your commission ratio is 20 %.

See below how much your commission will be from each of the agents.

First sub-agent: 20% – 15 = 15% × 1500 = 75 $.

Second sub-agent: 20% – 10 = 10% × 500 = 50 $.

Third sub-agent: 20% – 10 =10% × 500 = 50 $.

Forth sub-agent: 20% – 20 = 0 $. No any commission from this sub-agent.

Total 75+50+50 = your commission become 175 $ in total. for this you have nothing to do, just add hostess and sub-agents.

if you have added some host directly, you will also get a 20 % commission on all the host’s earnings. for this % that ratio given upper.

Roadmap For Your Success Chamet Agency

Many people do Chamet Agency Registration and they are not able to earn very well from it. below are the steps by step golden tips to become a successful Chamet Agent.

1. First two weeks: Focus on hiring 20-30 hostesses between one and two weeks. and keep explaining to them about the Chamet rules, what to do and what not to do.

2. Third to fourth weeks: start adding sub-agents and explain the work honestly. I’m the meantime, keep adding the hosts as well.

3. End of the month: Add at least 65 hostesses and 30 sub-agents before the end of the month. and then you will find that yours increasing every week.

If you follow the process properly, then you will find that after two-three months your commission has started increasing from $ 500 to $ 1500 every week.

Keep repeating this process to make your agency a huge success.

Chamet Agency Policy

Please Read all Chamet Agency Rules and policies related to Chamet agent work, Hostesses work, commission, salaries.. You can download this PDF :

Chamet Standard Rules For Hostesses

If the Chamet Agency and host violate the rules and policies then they can be made. So be sincerely serious about your work.

Rules for the profile pictures and others:

  1. Must have makeup on and use a beautification profile picture.
  2. Hostesses should use their own photo.
  3. The photo of host should be high definition as well as light
  4. Hostesses should use photos with clean background.
  5. They should be decent and use a picture of half their their height.
  6. Hostesses should record the voice to introduce themelves.

Rules for live duration:

  • Keep your face inside the box the entire time.
  • They should have a light background.
  • Girls should live decentky with makup on.
  • They should use wireless headphone or earphone.
  • Hostesses don’t have to lie down while streaming live.

Rules for private calls:

No limit for hostesses during private calls.

Last but not least, Chamet app keeps on checking the hostesses with the help of an artificial intelligence system. if the hostesses make any mistake, their Chamet ID can be removed from the popular list or banned permanently.

FAQ Chamet Agency

Is Chamet app safe or not?

Yes, it is a safe app. any user can’t take screenshots of your private calls in Chamet app.

Is Chamet app legit?

Yes, Chamet – make borderless is a legit app.

How much money can I earn from Chamet app?

No limit to earning in Chamet app it depends on your skills and talents. if you have 20-30 hosts you can earn a good commission from Chamet app.

How to withdraw Chamet Agency Commission?

Afte submit withdrawal method in Chamet Agency Dashboard. automatically your earnings will be sent to Thursday every week. a minimum of $ 10 must be met for this. If it does not happen, it will be added in the next week.

Chamet agent receive only or ( commission + hosts salary)?

It depends on the country of the agent.

Only India + Egiypt: ( commission + hostesses salaries ).

Another country: only own agency commission salary ( salary sent directly to the host ).

What are the methods available for Chamet agents to take a salary?

Depending on your country, one of the methods below will be available to you.

  1. ArriPay (Full Guide)
  2. Epay.
  3. Bank account transfer (Dlocal).
  4. Gcash.
  5. Payoneer.

So finally, you know very well how to do Chamet Agency Registration & become Chamet Agent. and all complete information about chamet agency commission ratio.