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Chamet Host Registration – Earn money with Chamet – ️

Hello, we are glad to know that you are interested to be a Chamet Host. In this article, you will learn how to do Chamet Host Registration?

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How To Become Chamet Host?

Follow the below-mentioned steps to apply as a host in Chamet App.

First of all, by clicking on the Chamet Host Registration button, bind the phone with which you want to generate the Chamet Host ID

  1. Select your country.
  2. Write phone number.
  3. Click send (for get OTP verification coad).
  4. Now enter recieved OTP.
  5. Click the bind button.
  6. Finlly download chamet app.

After downloading, create a Chamet profile(ID) with the same number. which was linked with the Chamet Host invitation link.

First, fill in the following details to create Chamet Hiosst Id profile. if you do not understand, then take the help of the photo below.

1. Click on more options to generate an ID from the phone number.

2. 1 The phone option will come, click on it.

3. Select your country, enter the phone number and click on submit.

4. Then enter the OTP SMS code sent to your number and submit it.

5. Now you have to enter the password for your Chamet ID and click on the Next button.

6. Then you have to select your gender and after entering the date of birth click on the Next button.

7. And finally, after uploading your profile picture, you have to enter the nickname and click on the complete button

Congratulations, now your Chamet Hosting Registration has been completed successfully. now you are ready to earn money from Chamet app.

How to earn in Chamet App?

There are many options available to earn money in Chamet app, which we have explained below.

  1. Live streaming – Hostesses in Chamet app can earn by live streaming and gifting.
  2. Video calls – Girls can earn by making 1v1 private video calls in chamet app.
  3. Party room – Girls can ern from gifting by opening their own party room or joining group chatting. (Levle 5 need for open own party Room).
  4. Random match – Female hostesses can also earn by doing video chat by random match.
  5. Chamet Reward – you can also earn from chamet rewards.

Chamet App Host salary Plan Chart

Truly Chamet gives $ 1 for 10 thousand beans to all hostesses, which means $ 10 for 1 lakh beans. this is more than compared to other apps. below you can see the Chamet Host Salary Chart.

BeansSalary ($)Salary (₹)
100,000$ 10₹ 700
200,000$ 20₹ 1400
300,000$ 30₹ 2100
400,000$ 40₹ 2800
500,000$ 50₹ 3500
600,000$ 60₹ 4200
700,000$ 70₹ 4900
800,000$ 80₹ 5600
900,000$ 90₹ 6300
10,00,000$ 100₹ 7000

Chamet app Host salary Plan Chart

How To Receive Payment In Chamet App?

In short, Chamet hosts can take their salary from their agency on completion of 1 lakh beans = $10.

And we give salary to all hostesses every Wednesday after weekly cut off through bank transfer, Paytm, google pay, phone pe.

Note: For out of India ( PayPal, Epay, Bank Transfer only).

Tips For High Earning In Chamet App

  1. You shoud set an attractive HD quality profile photo to get more visiters and calls.
  2. Write about your introduction or skill in your bio.
  3. Use attractive voice record.
  4. Open or Join party room to make new friends and get more gifts.
  5. Live streaming to get more popular quickly.
  6. Participate with other hosts via PK.
  7. Make connections for giftings by doing random matching.
  8. Do’t set very high video calls price.
  9. Follow the all rules and policies of Chamet carefully.
  10. Work regularly, don’t put off work for a long time.
  11. Set a good greeting massage.
  12. Last but not least you can also create a Chamet Agency.

Chamet Standardrs & Rules For Respect User

Rules while streaming random matches, party rooms, and public live:

  • Wear clean and attractive clothes.
  • Keep your face makup on well.
  • Be in clean and nice white background.
  • Keep making sure face is in the center of the display.

Private Call Rules:

No limitation during private calls with users.

Standards for a profile photo ( DP ):

  • Use your own photo.
  • High quality photo with clear background.
  • Half-lenght photo with good dress.

Now you know very well. how to do Chamet host registration.