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Yulan Salary Table

Agency part

Note: Any Problem Contract Whatsapp :-+91-7384382069

Valid anchors: Anchor with income during the payment period

Agency minimum withdraw amount (Anchor withdraw amount)for one week is 150 USD

Anchor Salary Part
Video call part  

120140$ 14
240280$ 28
360420$ 42
480560$ 56
5100700$ 70
6Each more 20 minutesEach more 140 minutesMore $ 14

Explain: if the host has finished 240 mins this week, she will get paid 140 mins and the left 100 mins will be merged to next week

All billing amount (USD) will follow up the current currency

Coin part (Include gift,etc)

Gift coin/weekpayout(USD)/week
12000$ 15
24000$ 30
4Each more 2000 coinsMore $ 15

Charm level—decide anchor minutely salary

Anchor minutely salary is also impacted by their charming level

Charm levelCall starter SalarySalary Minute
M1-9140min /$140.1 $/min
M10-15140min/$170.12 $/min
M16-20140min/$200.14 $/min
M20 above140min/$240.17 $/min

How to upgrade charm level?

1.Get a phone call (The longer the video call is answered, the faster the upgrade)2.Get gift (receiving gifts can help you quickly increase your charm level)3.Private message chat (actively starting a conversation and sending a private chat message, both will increase the charm value)4.Sit live On Camera(Sit live on Cam can increase the call volume by 80%, and the length of sitting and waiting can increase the charm value)5.Reply Message (reply to the caller to strike up a conversation can increase the charm value)6.Consecutive check-in (check in for 7 consecutive days to get 5 charm points)7.High user rate(Get rate 4 score after call can increase charm points)8.Get attention (become friends with more interested people, the faster you upgrade)

Anchor salary = Video call part+Gift part


We don’t allow the anchor to switch off agents without agreement.

We don’t allow you show your nude directly to the users

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