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Motu and Patlu, from Furfuri Nagar-motu patlu motu patlu



Motu Patlu is a children's cartoon Show

Motu Patlu is a children’s cartoon show made in India. Its main characters are Motu and Patlu. These two are friends. The two occasionally encounter some comic issues and luckily escape. His other colleagues on the show are Ghasita Ram, Inspector Chingam and Dr Autka.

Best friends Motu and Patlu live in Furfuri Nagar and always fall into trouble. To get out of those problems, often due to Motu’s clumsy actions, they eventually get help from their other friends.

Motu Patlu Short story

The story revolves around two friends Motu and Patlu from Farfuri Nagar. Both of them keep getting in trouble and both of them solve that problem together. I like moto samosas very much. Even in his troubled moments, he continues to steal samosas from the best samosa maker in town because of his love for bulk samosas. At the same time, the songs are always ready to help them.

Along with the two, Ghasitaram, Inspector Chingam and Dr. Autka also help each other, but sometimes Ghasitaram also used to entangle Motu and Pat in lies or other ways for Dr. Autka’s strange experiments. Is. When the whole samosa is eaten, it becomes very powerful for a few moments.

Above all, they also have a major enemy called “John the Dawn” who always wants to be Dawn, but none of his plans are fulfilled due to his size and songs. Is.

Motu patlu characters sort introduction

Motu: Motu is one of the two main characters. **** person who likes to eat whole samosas. She is a gardener. Many times on an empty stomach the light in my mind does not light up, Motu says as you think of something.
Songs: Songs are one of the two main characters. He was a slender man who loved to drink tea. He is a consultant who gives advice to the people of Motu or Farfuri Nagar. Patlu often says, thought (plan).
Dr. Jatka: Dr. Jatka is a friend of Motu Patlu. A perpetual machine-making scientist, he continues to cheat with his best friend Ghasitaram. Jhatka loves to eat potato parathas (a dish from Punjab). Mar Sutia is often referred to as Papad Vale.
Ghasitaram: He is a close friend of Dr. Outka. He is a photographer. Ghasita likes Rasagulla very much. He always says, I have 20 years of experience.
Chingam: He is a friend of Motu Patlu. He is a police inspector from Farfuri Nagar, Idli loves to eat. He always says, nam hai chingam, inspector chingam, why fear when chingam is here, escape from the clutches of chingam impossible boleto impossible, hey stop flame ke nam, tum la ki kasam bharat mata ki kasam hindustan ka kasan stop.
Other characters
John: John is always a thief in the town of Furpuri, but Motu Patlu catches John and hands him over to Chingam. That is why he is always with new plans to bring out all the songs from Farfuri Nagar. He always says, John Banega Don.
Chaiwala: Chaiwala sells tea and samosas, his shop is near Motu Patlu’s house and he loves motos.
Number one: John’s first companion, John’s every word sounds poetic to him, after John’s words are over, he immediately says, wow master, how poetic.
Number two: he’s John’s second partner, he always speaks when he does not understand.
Boxer: He’s a big neighbor, he’s a boxer, he’s often hit the butt for small mistakes, but sometimes he’s also a good neighbor for the big songs.
Babulgam: He is the father of Chingam and the Commissioner of Police in the city of Farfuri Nagar, who always says that Kasam to India is Kasam to Mother India.
Johnny: He’s John’s younger brother who was arrested by the CID in the episode of Motu Patlu Achcha Insan.
Mother: She is the mother of Chingam and the wife of Babulgam.
Vendor of vegetables
Virus: He is a scientist who makes a machine for John and wants to make money by selling it to John, but the machine is available for free every time John cheats on him.
Mayor Shri Singh: He is the Mayor of Farfuri Nagar.
Place: He is Motu’s nephew.
Munny: She’s a big sister and Chotu’s mother.
Trouble gum
Dada Jhatka: He is the grandfather of Dr. Jhatka’s grandfather who first appears in Dr. Jhatka K Dada episode.

Motu Patlu Voice Dubbing Artist - Oggy and the Cockroaches - Sourav Chakraborty - Sugar Mediaz

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